Pepper is a trooper. He was brought into foster care at 2 days old with his 4 siblings and mom, Rosemary. The little family was born in someone's backyard on a cold day in October and brought inside by a kind lady which brought him to the rescue to ensure they would find forever homes one day. The whole litter came in with eye infections and pepper got the worst of it. His eyes were so ulcerated that he couldn't even open them until they healed 3 weeks later after multiple rounds of antibiotic eye ointment. He is still left with corneal scarring which may or may not fully heal in a few months but he can still see very well and loves watching birds outside.

He enjoys napping and play fighting with his mom. He's a mama's boy who loves attention from both his real mom and his foster mom. When mama is enjoying her alone time, Pepper loves to climb and looks like a baby baboon scaling up and down his scratching tower. He's great with other cats and has also grown up around a blind dog. Pepper is a well adjusted boy who will bring joy into any home. He would be so happy to be adopted with his mom Rosemary or to have another cat as a friend in his forever home.

Rosemary is one tough and devoted mama cat. At not even a year old, she gave birth to 5 kittens outside on a cold october day. She weighed only 4 pounds and looked too thin to be able to provide milk for her little ones. Once she started receiving food regularly in her foster home, she was able to grow into her role as a mother and carefully tended to each tiny kitten of hers. She has always been affectionate despite never having been indoors.

As her babies grew up and were adopted into loving homes, she was left with her last kitten, pepper. She is a sociable chatty girl who is great company for anyone. Rosemary may be overlooked by some as she is not a kitten, but she definitely plays like one! She is a beautiful slender cat with a short velvety coat and golden eyes. Some say she looks like an Egyptian queen. After going through so much, Rosemary deserves a loving forever home where she will never go hungry or be cold again.

NOTE: A reduced adoption fee will be given to anyone that can provide a home for both Rosemary and Pepper


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