Stevie and Stella

Just before the cold weather set in, we received an email asking if we could possibly help rescue this brother/sister. We were so lucky that one of our existing foster homes came forward to offer their home to Stella (medium hair) and Stevie (short hair). They have come a very long way since they were first brought into the home. Stella relies on her brother for comfort and security. For this reason, the two must be adopted together and a reduced adoption fee will be given to anyone that can offer a caring/loving home to them.

This is what their foster mom has to say about these two gorgeous cats - Stella and Stevie are doing much better. Stevie is very affectionate. He will rub up against your legs. He likes to be pet and loves a good belly rub but hates to be picked up. He also likes to tuck himself in under blankets.

Stella loves to play and loves her brother. She is still not very trusting of humans, but she is doing way better. when I have managed to pick her up she is like Stevie and loves a good belly rub.

Stella is the small fluffy one. Stevie is quite a big boy...but all muscle it seems 
They are very social now with the other cats but still prefer to stick with each other. Steve is very good with Stella. She is constantly rubbing on him and following him and he just lets her. She will talk beside him pushing herself on him its quite funny.

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