I guess we will start at the beginning with Harvey's journey. A concerned animal lover noticed a mother and 4 kittens living under a neighbor's porch and also noticed a black, male cat limping around the neighborhood as well. More information was gathered and it was determined that none of these cats/kittens belonged to anyone. They were just strays trying to survive living on the streets. We were happy that all of these animals were brought into our care. We didn't know the extent of Harvey's injury until he was brought to our vet.

After Harvey's examination, it was determined that his leg could not be saved as it was an old injury that would not heal. The bones were actually protruding from the skin. We cannot imagine how much pain Harvey was in, but he still maintained his friendly disposition throughout the whole ordeal.

Surgery was schedule almost immediately and is leg was amputated. This boy has been amazing. He has recovered fully and the way he gets around, you would never know he only has three legs. Harvey is in no way a "special needs" kitty and if we could ask him, he would tell you that he is just like every other cat.

His foster mom cannot say enough about him. He loves all the other cats in the foster home and seems to have taken a liking to the kittens. His foster mom watches him run up and down the steps; jump onto the cat climber and most recently took him outside on a harness which he just loved. Harvey would make a great addition to any home.

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