Dory (the name we have given her) was in home with too many cats. We are not even sure how many litters she had before we were contacted to help, but one thing we know for sure, this pretty girl will never have to worry about having any further litters.  We also rescued 4 young cats which we were told were from a previous litter she had had. All have been adopted and now it is Dory's turn to find her forever home.

This is what the foster mom has to say about Dory - Dory has a kitten's spirit in a tiny-but-grown cat's body. She's a lively, vivacious and happy little cat. Dory will come to you when you call her name (if she feels like it). She's also very proud of her belly and likes to show it off, too. Dory will greet you at the door when you come home, follow you around the house, and sit as your feet as you binge Netflix. She'd be perfect for an energetic family with kids and/or other cats.

Dory has been to 4 adoptathon events and always seems to get overlooked. Like most adult cats she is not very happy with being placed in a carrier - a car ride to the event and then placed in a cage for the day. She doesn't show very well, but if someone would give her that opportunity, she would be more than happy to show you all the love she has to give - just like she does for her foster mom.

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