This pretty little girl gave birth to 5 adorable kittens (all have been adopted). Now it is her turn to be the center of attention. This is what her foster mom has to say:

Rachel is a very sweet and cuddly cat -- she loves scratches on her back, behind the ears and under her chin. She is quick to purr/knead, and headbutts you to ask for more scratches. She loves her catnip and jingly toys. She spends the day watching the outside from a window or napping under piles of blankets. Every once in a while, she chirps or meows quietly.

She can be very shy at first, but given a little time, patience, and lots of scratches and pets, she will definitely show you her quirky side! She loves rolling around and is very fast, curiously exploring every corner once she gets a little more used to her new environment. She gets along well with the other cat in the foster home.

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